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SAB Siren Alarm Bell Box Battery


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Replacement SAB battery for wireless siren bell boxes.
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Our SAB XCELPLUS Extended Life model is a high capacity battery for SAB's (Siren Alarm Bell). The Extended Life model is recommended for anyone that requires more hours of backup from their siren bell box and doesn't want to replace the battery for the next 5-6 years.

The SAB XCELPLUS Standard models are also suitable for most SAB bell boxes, but may only offer 2-3 year life depending on the frequency of use and operating temperature. Whenever replacing a SAB backup battery it should be replaced like-for-like or above. Manufacturers supply a capacity battery suitable for the backup period deemed fit and suitable. E.G. If a 250mAh battery is specified for 12hrs backup in the event of a power failure, replacing this with an inferior 150mAh battery may only last 4hrs and invalidate your premises insurance policy. Replacing the 250mAh with the high capacity 320mAh battery would increase the backup duration to 20hrs or more.

The SAB XCELPLUS Extended Life and Standard model batteries are compatible with the majority of wired and wireless bell boxes, but if in doubt it best to contact us and we'll identify it for you.

The XCELPLUS Extended Life is the uses the highest capacity battery available on the market and unlike regular button batteries, it's produced using the high capacity 320mAh nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable button cells.

Additional Information


Standard: 150Ah
Standard+: 250mAh
Extended Life: 320mAh


6V: 1 stack of 5
7.2V: 1 stack of 6
8.4V: 1 stack of 7

Finish Green
Voltage 6V / 7.2V / 8.4V
Cable length 150mm
Dimensions (mm)

6V: 32x25x25mm
7.2V: 37x25x25mm
8.4V: 44x25x25mm

Manufacturer's Part No. GP320BVH5A6, GP250BVH5A6, GP320BVHX5, GP250BVH5X6, GP320BVH6A6, GP250BVH6A6, GP320BVH7A6, GP250BVH7A6
Cell construction

Standard: NiCD
Extended Life: NiMH

Shelf life

2-3yrs (150mA)
5-6yrs (320mA)

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