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Visonic PowerMaxExpress Alarm Control Panel Battery Pack


Quick Overview

Replacement rechargeable backup battery for the wireless Visonic PowerMaxExpress alarm panel.
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The Visonic XCELPLUS Extended Life model is a high capacity battery backup for the PowerMaxExpress series wireless alarm control panel. The Extended Life model is recommended for anyone that has a PowerMaxExpress and requires more hours of backup from their control panel and doesn't want to replace the battery for the next 4-5 years.

The Visonic XCELPLUS Standard model are also suitable for the PowerMaxExpress series alarm, but may only offer 3-4 hours backup in the event of a power cut, and require replacing within 2-3 years.

The Visonic XCELPLUS Extended Life and Standard model battery are compatible with all PowerMaxExpress control panels. The XCELPLUS Extended Life is the highest capacity battery available on the market and unlike budget consumer batteries, it's produced using the highest quality industrial, nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.

Depending on the requirements of your PowerMaxExpress system, your installer may have installed 1 of 2 different specifications of backup battery. The most common is the 99-301712; 1300mAh, or the highest capacity 2200mAh.

Visonic recommend the Extended Life UL Install battery. This is the only insurance approved battery offering 24hr backup

XCELPLUS are the only producer of Visonic batteries which include a PTC resettable fuse, used to protect against overcurrent faults or reverse polarity insertion. All batteries can leak acid when they're depleted for long periods if gone un-checked. PTC resettable fuses prevent further damage to the control panel from short-circuit faults caused by battery acid. As of 2014 all batteries sold by XCELPLUS now feature this vital protection.

Additional Information


Standard: 1300mAh
Extended Life: 2200mAh

Arrangement 2 lines of 2
Finish Green
Voltage 4.8V
Cable length 100mm
Dimensions (mm) 30x30x48mm
Manufacturer's Part No. GP130AAM4YMX, GP230AAH4YMX
Cell construction AA, NiMH
Shelf life

3yrs (1300mA)
5-6yrs (2200mA)

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