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Who needs an installer

Battery Rebuild & Refurbishment

Compared to off-the-shelf solutions, a custom battery pack design can offer increased capability and improved functionality.

Often the best battery solution is one designed to meet your specific product requirements when its not possible to obtain a new replacement product off-the-shelf.

Whether you need rechargeable or single use, nickel metal hydride or lithium based, we can build a custom battery pack that is fit for purpose and economically viable. We will help identify the correct battery and select configurations to ensure the battery is physically and electrically suitable, utilising modern advances in battery performances.

In the event that we cannot supply a replacement product, XCELPLUS can often rebuild or refurbish your existing pack. The process means opening the casing, and putting new cells into battery, after which the casing is then put back together. It may even be possible to upgrade the cells to a higher capacity or different chemistry

How does it work?

Should we require the original dead battery pack for inspection and pattern reproduction, or the original battery is housed in a protective sealed container, our service will includes the cost of the battery pack being couriered to us, inspected and returned.

  • Quote for replacement battery issued
  • If a retrieval of original battery is required first, we'll cover the cost
  • We guarantee the price quoted is the price you'll pay
  • In the event we can't repack to your requirements, we'll return the battery pack by courier at not extra cost
  • Repacks usually take no more than 2-3 working days
  • You're new battery pack is heat wrapped and sealed before being sent back to you by courier

Quality approval
Our business operational processes and quality development meet the specification requirements from leading brands within the security, hobby, auto-mechanical and outdoor resellers, and approved by satisfied customers of custom builds.